Eternal sunshine of restless minds

October 19th 2018

 I believe in fairy tales, miracles, mystical ways of Nature and transforming power of Creativity.
As a need to express my real self and the need to be in nature played more and more significant role, 
 I decided for a radical transformation of my World.
This was late 2017, it is now a year later
and last year was the year when I’ve work hard! on…  Doing Nothing.

I moved away from the city to a desolated spot, quiet, far away and with a laaaaarge working space to PAINT AND PAINT FOR HOURS. To rest and find real peace!

As a multipotentialite – a human with a vast amount of interests, abilities, educational paths, professions (fashion designer, teacher, conservator, web designer, photographer, artist, costume designer, etc.)

As such, I immediately got involved in a fair amount never-ending projects, a wide range of accounts on social networks, I planned 2 blogs about the fascinating topic: “Art and the human mind”, I participated in the e-course by Danille Laporte, “Fire Starters”, to create a career that flows from the heart, while at the same time, working on a new business form, “Renaissance Business” (already 6 months..(INHALE) ​). Then being a morning participant in the online meditation group, also living between several place of residence, plus guest-teaching at the university, recording an E-course in the field of “Digital Textile Printing”, trying to improve the skill of making marmalades from wild flowers and plants … creating a series of nature photography, sewing collections of trousers and bags from self-designed fabrics based on a series of photographs called “traces of the artist “, created while exercising .. Vedic Art painting … just to mention a few.

And with some great amazement I have noticed that:
I do not have time… for my painting,
or photography,

or for being even close to Doing Nothing

I noticed that my nervous system is tense to the last drop of blood, and rather begins to resemble an air balloon that will blow of at any moment …

And so I tried to work more, isolate myself more, close social media, try a bit harder , work a little harder and more to get to that peace … Requirements for how to achieve this peace grow every day, as well as the  feeling  of moving away from it more and more..

And suddenly … I see that it’s …. Me!
Me and my past and my own desires collide with the power of the Present Moment.
It is me and my developing courage to question every theories of “a successful life”  which I have ever believed in.
The commands: “more, more -Quickly” and now ”less, less- slowly” …Tangled my system.
And when I finally turned to the Sea,
to Slow me Down ..

to experience the real peace, it turned out that

this a very Real Peace … well, it was just … scary and confusing.

For the simple reason that in the real peace…

There is no way to avoid yourself,

and this  journey into myself has inspired me to follow my intuition even more radicaly,

as well as to journey with others – trough art.  a year earlier


My Diary

Always Giving? The Impact of Arts Activity on Nursing Staff Well-Being: An Intervention in the Workplace

Always Giving? The Impact of Arts Activity on Nursing Staff Well-Being: An Intervention in the Workplace

Over 59 million workers are employed in the healthcare sector globally, with a daily risk of being exposed to a complex variety of health and safety hazards. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of arts activity on the well-being of nursing staff. During October–December 2014, 115 nursing staff working in a hospital, took part in this study, which lasted for 10 weeks. The intervention group (n = 56) took part in silk painting activities once a week. (more…)